I have just completed only my second session of laser hair removal and I am totally amazed by the results to date. I could not be happier as I had 9 sessions with a different company with no visible reduction many thanks Donna.


I have had 8 laser treatments with Donna and it’s the best thing I could have done. Gone are the times when I was talking to someone and always conscious of the hairs on my chin. I would recommend her clinic to anyone. From the moment I walked through the door Donna was friendly and very professional. Brilliant job, I am 100% delighted with the results.


I heard of Donna from an advert I saw on the internet and also by word of mouth. Donna has been professional and caring throughout. My skin has never looked so good. Her creams are powerful and effective, Excellent!


Donna has a rare combination of personality, warmth, expertise and professionalism. I have been coming to Donna for almost 12 years and always leave feeling more refreshed and relaxed. Wonderful facials! With great results. Excellent


I contacted Donna about laser hair removal, started my treatment in October and booked for 6 sessions. After my 1st treatment I immediately saw a total difference in my hair growth and after each session I loved the effect.

It’s now April and I have just finished my 6 sessions and I’m totally delighted with the results. For the first time in 5 years I have no dark horrible hair on my chin or lip. Thank you so much Donna.


I have been coming to Donna for several years to get microdermabrasion on my face and I find it to be a fantastic treatment that leaves my skin glowing and youthful looking. It doesn’t compare to a normal facial. Results are superior. I highly recommended her!


Over the years I have never really been satisfied with my skin and have always felt I needed a lot of make-up to improve how it looked. This led to me experimenting with practically every brand of cream under the sun in my quest for good skin. I spent so much money on facials and skin care products that made no improvement what so ever. I was so sick of going to beauty salons and getting poor advice from therapists who knew little about skin care and only wanted to sell their products!!!

In my mid twenties I began to read anything I could get my hands on that talked about skin care or anti aging. Every book or article I read always seemed to recommend skin peels as a way of improving and maintaining good skin, so I thought I would give it a go. I spoke to a number of skin care professionals but it wasn’t until I met Donna that I felt confident to go ahead with it.

I have been a client of Donna’s for about four years now. I trust her 100 per cent and have achieved fantastic results thanks to the treatments she provides. I can honestly say that the condition of my skin has never been better. I regularly get compliments about my skin whereas I never did in the past. My complexion is so much clearer, healthier and refined.

Donna is a true professional and has such a passion for her job. I cannot praise her or the treatments she provides enough.


I have experienced problems with my skin since my teenage years. I went to the doctor many times and was put on different antibiotics and topical treatments to try and control my acne. There were frequent tears as I realised that none of these treatments were working for me.
In my early twenties I was put on the pill which helped to bring the spots under control, however, the quality of my skin was very poor. It was red and blotchy and scarred. I wore thick make-up in an attempt to cover my skin but I always felt very self-conscious about it.

Around 6 months ago I was introduced to the Epionce Facial Peels…I can honestly say that the results I have experienced with these peels have been amazing. I really started to see results after the 4th treatment sp persevere and be patient -you will get the results you are looking for. My skin is much clearer, my pores are much more refined and my skin glows in a way it never has before. I have ditched my thick make-up and use a much lighter make-up. I’m no longer on the pill and the peels keep break outs under control.

I have got my confidence back…a really fantastic treatment that I cannot recommend highly enough.


I am a 30 year old woman who has experienced skin problems since my late teen years. I had very congested, sensitive skin and I suffered with regular breakouts which were very painful and resulted in scars, especially on my chin and my forehead. I have tried nearly every product on the market and have undergone many treatments for breakout prone skin. I never could find a product or treatment that worked for me or gave me the results that i was so desperate to achieve.

However, I can now say that i have found a treatment that has changed my life. The Epionce Facial Peels have given me new skin, not only on the surface but underneath as well. The results have been amazing and I feel like a new person. My skin is much less congested, less sensitive and the scarring and inflammation has reduced considerably. However the most important and significant benefit for me personally, is that i have not experienced any breakouts since i began this course of treatment.

The procedure is quick and simple, however it can sting, but only for a very short period. I experienced some peeling of the skin for a few days after i had the treatment, however the aftercare products are fantastic and took care of any dryness or sensitivity I was feeling. The cleanser is gentle and creamy, the barrier repair is excellent – especially in the days after a peel and the lytic lotion is the most powerful amazing skincare product that I will never again be without.

I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough. It is expensive but for me it was well worth every penny. The results have been life changing for me. I feel so much more confident and I don’t dread the thought of having a major breakout in the lead up to a big event and for the first time since I was a teenager I don’t feel the need to wear make up on a daily basis. Truly amazing!!