Botox / Anti Aging Treatments

Anti Aging Treatments / BotoxAnti-Wrinkle Treatments (Botulinum Type A – Botox)

Anti-Wrinkle Injections are a simple, non-surgical treatment that can smooth your wrinkles giving you a naturally fresh and healthy look.

This kind of treatment is ideal for the upper face (horizontal frown lines, crows feet and glabellar lines) giving you a more relaxed and well rested look.

Botulinum Type A can also be used to treat excessive sweating by injecting into the underarm area.

Results will last 3-6 months.

Skin smoothing injections and dermal fillers are carried out by Dr Jeremy McCammon (MB BCH BAO). Dr McCammon has over 15 years clinical experience working with facial tissues. He offers a total care package from consultation, treatment and all important aftercare advice and support. This approach to facial aesthetics is to ensure a natural result. People will notice how great you look and it’s up to you if you tell them why.

Consultations are free of charge and without obligation.